2013-07-02:Let's build a modular snake robot

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This is the session 1 of the 2013 Microbotics Summer Workshop organized by the Electronic Technology department at University of Malaga. In this session, a printable modular snake robot, consisting of 9 modules is assembled and the main locomotion principles are presented.

BILL of Materials

  • 10 Repyz pro modules, already assembled
  • 3 Skymega boards, Arduino compatibles. These boards are used only during the session 1 for showing the different locomotion gais. In the following session the students had to program the EZ430-RF2500 boards, connected to some extension boards that include connectors for the servos and the sensors.
  • 3 battery holders (for 4 AAA batteries) already assembled
  • 3 pairs of mounting brackets for attaching the battery holders to the modules
  • 60 M3x10 mm bolts
  • 60 M3 nuts



2013-07-01-Modular-snake-robots-Malaga.odp Slides (Sources, for Libre-office 4.0)
2013-07-01-Modular-snake-robots-Malaga.pdf Slides in PDF
on-line Read on-line in Slideshare


Before using this software, make sure you have installed the Ardusnake Library

Unimod_test1.ino Example 1: different oscillations of 1 module. The oscillation changes when the test button is pressed
Unimod_test2.ino Example 2: Oscillation of 2 modules. The phase difference is changed when the test button is pressed
wave.ino Example 3: The wave. 9 independent modules are oscillation so that a wave is generated
pp_test.ino Example 4: Locomotion of the pitch-pitch minimal configuration. When the test button is pressed, the gait is changed
pyp_gaits.ino Example 5: Locomotion of the pitch-yaw-pitch minimal configuration. When the test button is pressed, the gait is changed
py6.ino Example 6: Locomotion of a 6 module pitch-yaw snake

Git repository


Courtesy of Malakabot. Many thanks!


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From left to right: Juan Robles de Toro, José María Torralba, Federico Coca Caba, Obijuan, Juan Carlos Joya Clarés and Enrique Norro Gañan (Click to enlarge)
Notes taken by Cristina Urdiales during the talk. Amazing drawings!!! Thanks Cristina!! :-) (Click to enlarge)

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  • Cristina Urdiales: Thanks you very much for inviting me to Malaga to give this lecture!
  • Manuel Fernández Carmona: Thank you very much for all your help and technical support!
  • Granada imprusa team: Juan Robles de Toro, José María Torralba, Federico Coca Caba and Juan Carlos Joya Clarés. Thank you very much for your help, your wonderful present and your donation!  :-)
  • Enrique Norro Gañan: From Dpto. Electrónica del IES Politécnico Jesús Marín and organizer of Malakabot. Thank you very much for help, your wonderful board for controlling the robot and all the pictures and videos!


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